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SERVPRO Pet of the Week

4/21/2020 (Permalink)

March 21, 2020

SERVPRO of LBL North Pet of the Week

Do you want your pet featured on our Facebook page, as the SERVPRO pet of the week? Make sure you like our Facebook page and submit your pet photos and fun facts to us. You can submit this information via Facebook messenger or email We have included a form below for you to get an idea of what fun facts to send. Pets will be selected at random and posted each Friday.

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Please email the photo and information to , or message it via our SERVPRO of LBL Facebook Page.


Making a Plan

2/5/2020 (Permalink)

One of the biggest mistakes any family can make is failing to anticipate disaster striking home. Home fires, floods, lightning strikes, earthquakes, tornadoes, etc., all can happen and often with very little warning. SERVPRO of LBL North is taking the initiative in its region to ensure the communities it serves are aware of the importance of planning properly. Taking some tips from, we would like to share some of those tips to our SERVPRO community.

  1. Receiving Warnings: In the present day, most people have at minimum one smartphone in the home. However, if these smartphones are on silent, vibrate, or are powered down, how else will you receive notice of danger, be it weather or otherwise. Do you have carbon monoxide or smoke detectors in the home? Are the batteries changed routinely? If not, it may be worth your while to either install these devices, or set up a schedule to begin replacing these batteries at the minimum twice annually.
  2. Shelter Plan: In the event your home suffers a disaster, which makes living in it temporarily impossible, or dangerous to your health, where will you go? In some cases, your insurance policy may contain provisions which will cover temporary lodging in a local hotel. Perhaps you could make emergency arrangements with a family member, or a neighbor. A shelter plan absolutely MUST be part of your contingency, and all members of the household should know this plan.
  3. Where to Go: In the event of a fire, earthquake, tornado strike, etc., where your home is affected while you and your loved ones are in it, a plan should be made as to where to assemble should everyone need to quickly evacuate the home. Perhaps at the end of the driveway, the mailbox, the neighbors house. These are just some examples of where families could agree to meet in the rare event of a disaster strike. Make sure everyone knows the route to get to the assembly point, and that it is one that is familiar to all members of the household.
  4. Communication Plan: In this day and age where families are constantly on the go, there is a chance that when disaster strikes some members of the household may not be home. Consider a communication plan that everyone agrees on, and that everyone is aware of that resides within the home. It is also important that immediate family members outside of the home, or neighbors should be included on this emergency plan. In the event an emergency strikes the home, the communication plan should be implemented immediately, with detailed instructions provided as to the 1) the type of disaster, 2) where the family will stay in the event the residence is uninhabitable or a danger to enter, 3) any additional instructions necessary.

These emergency plans should be communicated and discussed with all members of the family, even the little ones, especially since a fire or other emergency could leave the little ones separated from the rest of the family during the event. Find creative ways to share fire safety, earthquake and other natural disaster drills with the little ones and rehearse those on a routine basis. More information can be found by visiting the resources provided below.

Lastly, allow SERVPRO of LBL North to come out and provide to you a free Emergency Readiness Plan (ERP) which we will keep on file in the event disaster strikes your home. This will enable the insurance company, SERVPRO, and other entities that will respond to the scene to quickly assess the important components, and begin to restore your home back “Like it never even happened.”


Department of Homeland Security Website

Department of Homeland Security Ready Kids Website

Black History Month: Recognizing Gen. Colin Powell

2/4/2020 (Permalink)

African American male in military uniform with flag in background Gen. Colin Powell Photo Credit: United States Joint Chiefs of Staff

February 4th, 2020

Black History Month

SERVPRO of LBL South Recognizes United States Army Gen. Colin Powell (ret)

   In honor of Black History Month, SERVPRO of LB North would like to recognize retired Gen. Colin Powell. Gen. Powell was born from Jamaican immigrants on April 5th of 1937 in Harlem, New York. At the young age of 16, Powell entered into the City College of New York where he joined the Army Reserve Officer Training Corp (ROTC), where he attained the highest rank any student in the program can achieve.

    Following his completion of college, Gen. Powell quickly climbed the ranks in the US Army by completing various training in US Army Airborne School, Ranger School, then joined the 3d Armored Division in Germany. During his time in the military, which included a stint in the Vietnam conflict, Powell advised a southern Vietnamese infantry battalion. It was during this tour that Powell was injured, thus enabling him to receive the Purple Heart.

   In 1979, after years of active duty commission, Powell was promoted to Brigadier General, and assigned work under the Office of the Secretary of Defense (SECDEF). Not long after this assignment. Gen. Powell was called upon by then President Ronald Reagan to serve as the Deputy National Security Advisor under Frank Carlucci. When Carlucci became the Secretary of Defense, Powell was already in line to succeed him.

   Over the years, Powell served the nation in various roles, working with leaders from both political parties on issues such as Leadership, National Security, and much more. His was so successful in fact, that upon his retirement, was awarded his second Presidential Medal of Freedom. Queen Elizabeth II also made him an Honorary Knight of the Bath. Since his retirement from public service, Powell has spent his time publishing books, and public speaking, using his life experiences as a foundation to encourage growth in various areas. Powell has continued to serve the nation through his limitless advice on Leadership, and how to overcome obstacles using a common sense approach. He is living proof that hard work and determination has no limits, in so long as one is willing to keep an eye trained on the end objective.

“Leadership is solving problems. The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them!” – Gen. Colin Powell


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